Thoughts on Abortion and Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Post date: Apr 12, 2013 4:02:19 PM

The depravity of modern society is best summed in this, "it is better to free yourself from the burdens of this world than to live an altruistic life."

Lets take a trip down history lane. The temple to Molech at Amman which dates back to about 1400BC was uncovered in 1966. In this temple, remnants indicating human sacrifices were found. The Bible and other historical writings record two forms of Molech worship were open sexuality and sacrificing infants. This infanticide took place by the throwing of newborns into fire. There, the children were burned alive.

Moving forward to the Roman Empire. As open sexuality increased in their culture, Roman women would often throw their babies out with the trash. The Roman/Byzantines bathhouse in Ashkelon, Isreal sat on top of a sewer full of newborn remains. The practice was that women would simply toss the child without a second glance. This would free them to go out and have sex with whoever they wanted without the responsiblity of a child.

In modern times, we have what are seen as more civilized methods to dispose of our children. Abortion clinics offer a "medical proceedure" that will terminate the pregnancy at any stage. Yet look at society. What are we doing differently? Our bibles are now science books, so we can have a scientific method for child disposal. Our reasoning? We do not want the responsibility of raising said child. Sexuality is promoted heavily in our media and culture. Children as young as 8 are having sex these days. Society is feeling liberated from the chains of archaic morality.

But, is society really liberated? In the same way our scientists perform procedures to abort a child, so did the priests of Molech perform rituals for child sacrifice. We are still sacrificing our children for our own selfish desires. The end of this is a society that kills itself.

As society continues to kill itself, it venerates people like Barack Obama. Obama voted against SB 320, a bill that declared partial-birth abortions illegal. Obama asserts that abortion is a "Fundamental Constitutional Right". In 2001, Obama was against protection of both "viable" and "pre-viable" fetuses. With this being the stance of our president, why is Dr. Kermit Gosnell on charges for his abortion clinics? Gosnell performed partial and post birth abortions. Furthering the confusion, if a pregnant woman is killed, the court systems count it as a double homicide. Our very nation is conflicted in how to address this issue.

What does the Bible say on this?

God, speaking to Jeremiah, claims that He knew Jeramiah before He formed Jeremiah in his mother's womb. (Jer 1:5) Wait a minute? God formed Jeremiah in his mother's womb? The implication here is that Jeremiah was a person from conception. God had Jeremiah's life planned out before he was born. God recognized Jeremiah as human.

In Luke 1 circa verse 41, the story of Mary and Elizabeth meeting while pregnant is told. It is said that John the Baptist leaped in Elizabeth's womb when Mary (carrying Jesus) came near. The passage reads as such: "When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the baby leaped in her womb." The word used for baby in this passage is used throughout the New Testament to refer to children. God recognized a child is a child whether in or out of their mother's womb.

Exodus 21:22 gives a warning to those who harm pregnant women. It says that if a woman is injured, the offender must pay whatever her husband requires. Here, there is a high respect for life and the unborn.

Society thinks it's more humane to kill the unborn than burden the mother. People are valuing their personal freedoms more and more these days to an extent where they dehumanize children. In doing so, society furthers its self-contradiction.

If genetics have shown us anything, at conception, the child has his/her own set of DNA. Through our own science, we prove that the "fetus" is actually human. We prove that this child is alive. In aborting a child, are we not murdering him/her? Considering that on a genetic level, the child meets all the same DNA requirements to be human as Steven Hawking, where is the difference between aborting Steven Hawking's life or that of an unborn child?

The reason for leaving a grey area as to when the child becomes human is because inherent in everyone is the knowledge that you should not kill your own kind. This grey area provides little comfort to the mother when she signs off to have her child killed. She has to be convinced that this is just a parasite. She has to harden her heart to the natural instinct of a woman to love an nurture her own. In the end, the woman must become the enemy of her own child and break the commandment which says "You will not murder".