Is Homosexual the New Black?

Post date: Jul 31, 2014 7:43:08 PM

NOTE: This is not about hating on homosexuals or any protected group. This post is about logically looking at the notion presented. Keep in mind that all human beings are deserving of respect regardless of race, gender, creed, religion, or sexual orientation.

Let's take a quick logic check.

Logic Check 1: Define _________

Black is a person of African American descent. This is generally a person with dark skin.

Homosexual is a person who prefers and/or has sex with others of the same sex.

Logic Check 2: Can a person choose not to be _______?

A black person's skin is determined by their DNA at birth. Regardless of what the person does (short of surgery), a black person's skin and physical structure will reflect their african descent.

A homosexual may choose his/her sexual partner. Historically, homosexuals took opposite sex partners (and had families at times) to avoid persecution. This indicates that while they believe they are born homosexual they can choose to engage in heterosexuality.

Logic Check 3: Do humans have the ability to override instinct and emotions?

A person comes from a family of alcoholics. This person starts drinking. This person becomes an alcoholic. Is it genetics or did the person have a choice to not drink?

A person believes he/she is a homosexual. They come to a dating age. Do they have a choice between heterosexual or homosexual partners?


If a homosexual may choose their sexual partner, then a homosexual is not required to live the life of a homosexual. The availability of choice indicates that the homosexual (while they may have tendencies toward homosexuality) can choose to be who they want to be. If they choose to be homosexual, then they are choosing a lifestyle and opting for all the consequences that come with it.

Keep in mind that homosexuals do NOT deserve to be treated with less respect than other people.

The difference between homosexual and black is that the black person can't get up in the morning and decide they're not going to be black. It's in their very DNA. It's not an action to be black, but inscribed upon the fabric of their being.

Homosexuals can choose.