Is Society Better With Pornography, Adultery, Abortion ,Divorce & Homosexuality

Post date: Oct 14, 2014 5:01:31 PM

Is Society Better With Pornography Adultery Abortion Divorce Homosexuality Accepted?

Short answer... NO

Long answer....


(Secular) Psychologists recommend that people who are disinterested in sex view pornography as a way to stimulate their sexual appetite. This sounds good in theory, until you look at the effects of viewing pornography.

1) The pornographic images become the stimulation.

This creates a disassociation of sex with your partner (preferably, Spouse). Now, instead of associating arousal with your partner, you're now needing multiple sources to get arouse. The desensitization makes it harder for a person to be satisfied with their partner and leads to sexual dissatisfaction in the relationship.

2) Pornography is tied to a history of abuses

Many women featured in pornography have been sexually abused at some point in their life. Instead of seeing value in their self for other reasons, their value becomes locked in sex and sex appeal. This creates an unhealthy individual who will perpetuate the notion that porn is OK so they can feel ok with their self.

Coincidentally, porn has also been linked to the sex traffic industry. The higher the demand for porn, the more sex trafficking thrives.


Adultery is a huge contributor to breakdown in the family unit. Humans were designed to be faithful to just one partner their entire life. "the man must leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife" is referenced several places in the Bible. Men and women were designed to have a life-long, monogamous relationship. The moment you deviate from that, sex is no longer sacred. There's a breakdown of trust that occurs.

When a husband and wife can't trust each other, it weakens the bond. I've seen many "open" marriages end in divorce over stuff like this.

Furthermore, like porn, when there is adultery, it creates a disassociation of sex from the spouse. Thus, I can get sexual fulfilment with that person if my spouse isn't willing to provide it for me. This places unhealthy expectations on the spouse to perform. These expectations then subjugate the spouse, removing the equal-opposite relationship that men and women should have. While it is true that the man is the head of the house, many verses prescribe how the woman is not his slave but his helper. Thus, the two are equal but different.


In the old testament, Molech worship was common. They'd throw their children into the fires built to worship Molech. Most worshippers of Molech lived sexually promiscuous lifestyles. In the modern day, abortion is framed as being about women's reproductive freedom. In some campaigns, it's just simply called sexual freedom.

So, you have a few things happening here:

1) A life is taken.

At conception, the child has a unique set of DNA from the mother. The pro-life movement can provide quite a few other facts that contribute to the argument of the "fetus" being human, so lets move on.

From a judiciary point, if you harm a woman who's pregnant and kill her unborn child and you're charged with murder. There's a disconnect of convenience which allows circumstances to determine if the fetus is human or not.

Also, society does not have a point of humanity. Some say as soon as the child is born, some say in the womb, and some say after 3 years old (as infanticide is legal in some European countries). The grey lines between when a person is human and under what circumstances leaves room for anything to be done to the unborn according to the individual's moral compass.

This breeds a further problem. Since the unborn are not considered human 100% of the time, their freedoms may be infringed upon for any reason. If a doctor wanted to genetically manipulate a fetus for whatever experimentation, he/she could since it's just "tissue" according to the pro-abortion team. But, I digress.

2) A Womb Disturbed

There are studies that show that post-abortion women have a harder time conceiving. Thus, when a woman wants to have a child, her body isn't prepared to carry the child full term and may abort it or not nurture it as it was meant to.

3) Removed Sexual Consequences

A consequence of sex is children. As Christians, we love children and consider them a gift from God. When you remove the sexual consequence of children from the factor, then people are encouraged to be very promiscuous. The more promiscuous a person is, the harder it is for them to have a monogamous sex life once they're married. Sex becomes void of intimacy and meaning by being reduced to a casual activity. The same bond that was meant to strengthen a marriage is now as useful as a cordless drill with an old battery.


Divorce is biblically only allowed in cases of adultery. But, there's a larger issue here in society.

1) Mommy State = Subsidized Divorce

In the US, 89% of divorces filed end in favor of the woman. THus, you have women getting paid to divorce their husbands. Prior to child support laws, women would stick with their husbands until either he left or she decided that she just couldn't take it anymore. I'm not saying that this was ideal, but there was more incentive to work it out. Some marriages (especially in my family) lasted because there was no easy out.

I have several friends who were divorced by choice of the woman. In a friends and my cases, our ex-wives found someone else that they chose to sleep with. Before the bed was cold, we were served papers. After being thrust into a lifestyle of living hand-to-mouth, it was hard. But, where was the repercussions for their actions? The courts didn't care. My lawyer explained to me that no matter how she cheats in the relationship, there's nothing that can be done against her.

So, why is this important? Subsidizing divorce makes the decision less weighty. If you know that you can burn someone and get a win-fall for it, why not?

2) Family Issues

Divorce hurts families. One of my kids blamed their self for the divorce. My child told me that things would've been different if they hadn't provided secret updates to mom on what dad did or didn't do. While this is the mother encouraging unhealthy behavior, the fact that it lead to the child's parents divorcing still plagues my child to this day.

3) Father Issues

Where are the fathers in this day? 1 out of every 3 children has a father today. Fathers are the ones that set expectations for authority. A strong, loving father increases a child's success rate in life. Through divorce, fathers are being removed from their children's lives. This breeds children who have lowered respect for law and order. In the end, children who are much more likely to be criminals.

4) Trust Issues

Can you really trust someone who just threw their last relationship away for you? What guarantee do you have that they'll be faithful to you? If the person you're pursuing simply divorced their last spouse, how do you know they won't divorce you?

Divorce (like breaking up with someone you're dating) gets easier every time. The first is devastating, but each time after that it's just a legal process that you've traversed before. I have a family member who's on their 4th marriage. Each time, they've been less emotionally involved in the divorce.

Building trust is hard in life, but when you've been burned, it's much harder to trust again. From personal experience, I have to separate the actions of my current wife from past experiences of my ex-wife. Circumstances may be similar, but they are different people.


Homosexuality is a huge issue. It's much larger than the secular world wants to admit. Homosexuality breeds all sorts of societal problems.

1) Gender Identity

Growing up in this fast-paced world is already difficult. Homosexuals challenge people to question yet one more aspect of their self. Are you the right gender? Quick clarification, sex is what parts you have, but gender is now defined as whether you identify as masculine or feminine. By not being sure of who you are as a person, others can project an identity on to you.

Funny story, but the psychology community still considers homosexuality to be a gender identification disorder. This hasn't been removed from the books.

2) Promiscuity

With gay marriage being passed in states, we'll see the numbers start to show. The traditional homosexual relationship is one of multiple partners and bed hopping. History has shown that the homosexual life style seldom produces monogamous couples.

3) Disease

The US CDC forbids homosexuals from donating body fluids. A glance on their website, and people practicing same-sex relationships are at minimum 11% more likely to be carriers for STD's than promiscuous heterosexuals.

4) Protected Class/Uber Rights

If you have read the news, there are several cases where small business owners have rejected business from homosexuals due to religious reasons. It doesn't matter whether you agree or disagree with the business owner. The fact is that almost all of them have lost the court battles. This means that a person who holds religious views (specifically those against homosexuality) can be forced to cater to the homosexual community. THis produces an infringement upon individual rights in favor of minority rights.

So, long answer... there are many horrible things that have been born from Pornography, Adultery, Abortion ,Divorce & Homosexuality in society. While you can't legislate morality, you can discourage these actions by providing information as to their detriment in society. In the end, each will choose their own god, but not all will choose God.