Journal Post - People's Response to the Bible

Post date: May 14, 2012 2:46:43 AM

I do not intend to post any bible scriptures as I share my thoughts in journal format tonight. Anything I say may include Biblical references, but, this is mostly me musing.

Today, I ran across multiple responses to the gospel. My original statement went as follows:

"I am convinced that people who are permissive of others' sin are that way as to not appear judgmental. By not appearing judgmental, others won't point out sin in their lives."

While this observation was inspired by Jude 4, what I have been pondering most today is the responses I have received. Most people who responded to my musing did so with angry words. Their responses included personal attacks which questioned my character and made me out to be a heartless monster. On the other hand, another poster seemed to question (intellectually) my stance. He even quoted the passage where Jesus says, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I proceeded to discuss the subject with him. After a time, his responses became more mocking than conversational.

This is disheartening since I find that generally those are the two responses I get from people who are not wanting to hear the truth.

On the one hand, people will out-right attack the person who is bringing the gospel. This could be whether a personal musing or something presented in all gentleness. From what I have seen, such people are usually injured by religion. Instead of seeking to understand, they protect their flesh by lashing out and striking to harm and suppress the gospel and the messenger. I wonder if such a person is by nature more emotional? The people I know (who were in times past friends) that out right attack me are more emotional. I know this, because many of us had taken personality profiles that revealed them as emotional, while my profiles revealed me as cognitive. Even Gustave LeBon talks about this type of behavior in mobs of people being fueled by emotion more than reason.

On the other hand, the person who addressed me from a more intellectual standpoint seemed to go further. This person offered valid counter-points that made the conversation semi-interesting (if I hadn't heard them before). When he quoted Jesus' words about him without sin, I replied that Jesus also told the person to go forth and sin no more. I am not sure if this person was cornered in the argument or just showed his true colors when he started to make mockery of both the gospel and Jesus. While I enjoy the intellectual pursuit of Christ with non-believers, I find that people who have a show of righteousness (believing themselves to be holy or above others) tend to want to justify their positions. In justifying their-self, they ignore the true words of God. These are the very words that correct them and bring challenge to get closer to Christ. Instead, the pride kicks in, so they reject God's word.

The problem I see with much of this is that people out there need Christ. Without the real Jesus, we are only worshiping idols and having a show of righteousness. Consider that the church of Laodecia (in Revelation) became lukewarm. In this letter, Jesus says that they will be cast out and not inherit the kingdom. I think that this is because in a state of being lukewarm, you believe yourself to be holy. You have a show of righteousness. According to the world, you are a moral person. The thing that I fear most for these people is that they do not realize the magnitude of their mistake. By rejecting the correction of God (whether through the words of a brother, encouraging maturity, or by the Holy Spirit), such people are paving their own road to hell. While I have been labeled as an uncaring monster for quoting scripture and offering what God has shown me, I truly care deeply for these people. I would rather they not perish. I want them to experience God. To have that relationship with Jesus the Christ that we all long for. I want them to turn from their idolatry, just as God requires me to forsake the things of this world to show His glory.

I hope anyone reading this knows that our labor is not in vain. We seek to please the King of kings and Lord of lords. We seek the approval of God. It is God's opinion that I care most about. Approved workmen should not be ashamed. I pray daily that God will guide me and that all my works of faith will be pleasing to Him. Desiring God's correction, I love my heavenly Father. I want to be more like Him, for He is perfect.

Be encouraged. I know God sees our works. We must work out our faith with fear and trembling, yet with gentleness and respect.