A Letter from an Old Friend

Post date: Aug 12, 2016 1:28:03 PM

I received a letter from an old friend who coincidentally started a cult that (coincidentally) resulted in a lot of people walking away from God. Just so I can't be blamed for maligning what was said or fudging the words, I've posted a screen shot of the message at the end of this post. The following is my response in an open letter to Mr. Nate Elznic.

Mr Elznic,

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't changed a bit. In your letter you make the following accusation:

    1. That I'm a judgmental hypocrite

    2. I'm practicing Voodoo

It's interesting that your first notion is to attack my character as you have anyone else who you didn't like. Saul Alinsky wrote in his book "Rules for Rebels" that one should attack the character of others instead of dealing with the facts. Coincidentally, this book was dedicated to Satan. The same Satan that's referred to as the accuser of the brothers (the church) in Revelations 12. Are you sure that you and I are serving the same God? The same Jesus?

Still, I haven't heard of any apologies to anyone you've hurt during your time as a Youth Pastor at Jubilee or the head Pastor of Fusion. I would like to see an actual apology rather than one of your "I'm sorry you feel that way" apologies that you taught Master's Commission to use.

All in all, I haven't thought about you, except when people you've hurt bring your name back into conversation. With so many still in the area, it's hard not to find a person who was negatively impacted under your leadership. This is why Jubilee offered to pay for counselling for those you hurt.

I hope that you repent some day and reconcile with those you've hurt.