Sound Doctrine a thing of the Past?

Post date: May 14, 2012 6:44:26 PM

There will come a time when people will no longer listen to sound doctrine. Instead, they will listen to teachers who will say what they want to hear. (2 Timothy 4:3 - paraphrased)

Recently, every post I post on my Facebook seems to get mocked or railed against. People attack me directly as if silencing me will make their life better. Still, as I read 2 Timothy 4:3, it reminds me that in this time, people no longer want to hear the word of God. They want to be their own gods and worship their own image. Some may say that they desire God, but the truth be told, they have made an image that is not the truth of God. In worshiping this image, they have become comfortable and no longer seeking the true face of God. Sadly, I have been guilty of this.

From my personal experiences, I became complacent in my own life. I hoped that God would be complacent as well and allow me to live a stagnant life. It was His calling out of this existence that started me down my pursuit of Him.

I think the Laodecians (Revelations 3:14-22) were much like many who claim to be Christian today. They claim they have God, but are neither hot nor cold. It is much like those who claim they are Christian, but live a life of sin. It is as written in Romans 2:17-24, they misrepresent the name of God before the unbelievers. They live in unrepentant sin. Who really wants to be discomforted when they have a lifestyle that feel comfortable. But since our lives here are brief (James 4:14), the comforts they have found here will be short lived.

What the bible encourages is more people like the Bereans. In Acts 17:10-15, we hear about people who wanted to hear the gospel, but also were compelled to verify all things were true, so they checked the scriptures to be sure Paul was telling the truth. The result was a congregation who knew the Word.

But why don't people take the time to read the word for theirself? Could it be that not everyone wants to be responsible for the repercussions of their sin? Could it be that they hope that not knowing means that they will not be held accountable for sin? Or could it just be that they desire their own foolishness over a relationship with the Almighty God?