Born This Way?

Post date: Sep 11, 2014 7:53:54 PM

Disclaimer: The LGBTQ community is comprised of people who deserve love and respect. Maltreatment of such people is both immoral and a violation of Wheaton's Law.

Let's remove from the table whether a person is born homosexual. Just for argumentation purposes, lets say people are born with homosexual tendencies.

Does a person natural predilections excuse their choice of actions?

I know Phil makes the case of a person with a predilection toward violence is discouraged by society from acting violently. So, being violent is a choice.

A person with a family history of alcoholism (an generally a predilection toward alcoholism) begins to drink theirself to death. Do we intervene?

A person who has a predilection toward self loathing decides to begin cutting. Should we tell them it's wrong?

In all of these cases, the person is born with a predisposition. After the first example, all the others are only harming their selves (if anyone at all). So, should society say or do anything to stop these people from doing the actions associated with them?

If you're consistent in your views, you'll say no. They're only hurting their selves, so there's no reason to intervene.

If you believe we should intervene, then you can't hold the consistent standard that if it doesn't hurt anyone else, then it's not wrong. Suicide is another example. Why do we take steps to prevent people from committing suicide? Again, they're only hurting their self.

At this point, you're going to ask why people care about what happens in the bedroom? Why is homosexuality an issue?

Good questions. Consider that the CDC's 2010 report confirming that homosexuals have at least a 10% higher report of HIV contraction than their heterosexual counterparts. While AIDS/HIV can be more easily managed in the 2010's, a disease is still being spread through the activities of this community.

So, just as the person who has a predilection toward violence has a negative impact on society as a whole, so does the actions of homosexuals.